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‘Our love does not need words’

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‘Our love does not need words’

I used to be very scared of Laila initially, but her warmth gradually made me lose all my fear and we became friends...

‘Our love does not need words’

Parenting A Pet

Once afraid of dogs, today Aishani Rawat shares a very special bond with her boxer Loli, and her pet means the world to her

Never had I thought in my wildest dreams that I would parent a dog. As a child, I used to be really scared of them, but just a few years back, my cousin adopted a dog and we named her Laila.

I used to be very scared of Laila initially, but her warmth gradually made me lose all my fear and we became friends. When she turned three, my cousin decided to get her crossed and soon she gave birth to nine cute little babies. There was this one pup who looked and behaved exactly like her mum and so I decided to adopt her. She is three-year-old now and her name is Loli. As much as it makes life happy and fun, it is a huge responsibility to be a pet ‘parent’ and so now, after becoming one, I understand why this word.

Loli is a boxer, and so she is one of the most active, friendly, and expressive dogs you will meet. She was born in my home, and now, after three years, it feels like we did not choose her, she chose us. It is difficult to express in words how much love, warmth, and affection she gives us, without even saying a word. Amazing how love doesn’t need words, isn’t it? Born through surgery, Loli was weak as she could not feed on Laila’s milk. These were the toughest days of my life, as we tried to make her a strong baby through all sorts of healthy foods like mashed beetroot and pumpkin mixed with semolina, curd, and sometimes eggs too. It took a while, but she finally gained weight.

Visits to the vet were a regular thing in our lives during the first three months of Loli’s life, but it all seems to make so much sense now that we see her happy, healthy, and growing. Considering separation anxiety, which is very common in dogs, one of the most difficult times was and still is leaving her alone at home, even if it is for a few hours. She is a very friendly dog and likes to be with all family members at all times (quite literally), which means she has to be left with treats and enrichment toys while we head out. Chewing on things, like most other dogs, is her favourite game to play so we leave behind small handmade toys for her, like a plastic bottle wrapped in an old sock or glove. We also leave some treats like fruits (papaya, banana, mango) for her to search for and consume. This not only keeps her distracted but also helps soothe her while her loved ones are away.

I’ve heard people say there’s no purpose behind the existence of animals, but I could not be more grateful to God for my dog’s presence in my life. She really has become a member of our family and when her mother, Laila, passed away due to lymphosarcoma last year, I realised how much Loli means to me. From that day on, my love and care for Loli have only increased.

Recently, she was diagnosed with PCOD and we had to get her spayed immediately. The simple surgery made me feel like my baby was going to fight a battle. Sitting outside the OT, I constantly whispered prayers as tears rolled down my cheeks. Her wound from the surgery healed quickly and she is in good health now, doing zoomies in the house every now and then. Loli cannot fix my issues and cannot save me from the grind that life is, yet all I feel is immense gratitude towards God for sending her into my life and making me smile, come what may.

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