A First-Of-Its-Kind Magazine On Environment Which Is For Nature, Of Nature, By Us (RNI No.: UPBIL/2016/66220)

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A one-of-its-kind monthly bi-lingual colour magazine on environment, TreeTake, which is 'of Nature, for Nature, by us'is now with us.

Help Sustain Honest, Independent Journalism

The going has always been tough for independent/unbiased journalism. And, what with demonetisation and Covid-19, there has been such a huge pressure that even the 'financially-padded' corporate sector felt the heat and the result was seen in so many becoming unemployed. In such a scenario, for an independent publication- that too dedicated to nature and environment, and owned and managed by all-women team- to hold fort and keep going should be admired. But admiration alone does not offer solutions! We have been creating awareness, highlighting problems and offering expert suggestions to solve them, through our monthly bilingual magazine 'TreeTake' since Jan 15, 2016.

However, since the 'corona kaal', we have been facing a really tough time. What with hardly any government aid (though we are fully entitled to it) and private sector holding back every penny, publishing a niche, extremely important and obviously expensive magazine is getting difficult. We are facing a financial crunch. We don't want to compromise on our quality. We would appreciate if environment lovers and nature enthusiasts could contribute whatever they can towards our venture. Honest, pristine white (without any shade of yellow) journalism is not being appreciated these days, we have to admit though with shame. Then, a magazine on environment where there is so much to report - and most of it is ugly if reported honestly- is something that is being tolerated the least. Climate change is not a myth. Holding international meets, setting impressive targets and making eloquent promises would hardly be of use if real issues aren't even highlighted. Just like merely planting saplings won't help if the entire biodiversity is not being taken into account. We can go on and on. But, we would cut ourselves short and just say, help us to survive.

Though most publications- print or online (we are both)- ask for donations, we are going 'paid' for the first time in seven years. Hence, we want your support in the way of positive contribution in manners mentioned below:
1- We publish advertisements in the form of design and advatorial (paid pages). While a full page design will cost Rs 25,000, each paid page will be charged Rs20, 000.
2- We can publish you on our cover page for a price, ie. Rs 30,000 , and
3- We can carry your personalized views/messages on environment, nature, biodiversity etc. Price ranging from Rs 5,000 to 15,000 depending on the length of the material.

Please do not ask us to further subsidize our rates because we are already asking for very reasonable sums. The magazine is bilingual (English, Hindi), fully colour and glossy.

Note: Foreign nationals and NRIs are also welcome to feature in our magazine and help us thrive. You can pay the sum as converted into your currency.

The amount has to be paid in advance. We publish on 15th of each month and will accept payment for that month till 8th.

We thank those who will support our initiative as well as those who can send positive vibes and blessings.

Contact us on
Email: [email protected]
Thank you,
TreeTake Team

For your info:
Our bank details are:
Customer Name : TreeTake
Bank: Bank of India (BOI)
IFSC: BKID0006803
Account No. 680320110000470