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Tintin is the most vocal dog

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Tintin is the most vocal dog

There are many stories to tell about how amazing a dog he is...

Tintin is the most vocal dog

Parenting A Pet

Tarun Mishra, a student and an avid animal lover, tells how this little bundle of joy stole his and his family's heart right away

Out of nowhere a dog with brown and white stripes came into our lives and we named him Tintin! Influenced by the dig of Priyanka Chopra, in came Tintin who was just the size of a remote- so small that when we fed him Cerelac with tiny spoons, his stomach used to swell up so much so that it became hard for him to even walk straight... This is us and this is our story of how our darling lion dog Tintin came into our life and became an integral part of it.

It is true that all good things come in small packages and Tintin is no less- a highly energetic and extremely loving dog, loyal to the core. And, well, if you spend some time with him, you are sure to feel happy almost instantly. He is always running around, challenging and teasing you to play with him and scolding you if you aren't throwing the ball that he is so willing to fetch. The most vocal dog I have seen, Tintin responds to your talks with him by tilting his head and talking back.

There are many stories to tell about how amazing a dog he is, but the way he plays around and responds to us makes him unique. He is fussy about food which is a huge relief and sometimes a worry, but the fact that he prefers eating stomach-friendly foods makes us realize how intelligent he is. This dog came in our lives unplanned, but that's how it is sometimes. The unplanned things bring you the most joy and that is what he is- a dynamite of joy!

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