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A journey from a homemaker to home-baker

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A journey from a homemaker to home-baker

I love making resin products which include coasters and many fashionable items...

 A journey from a homemaker to home-baker

Green Business

Shaifali Bhargava, a professional home baker, who hails from the city of Nawabs where food is of utmost priority... 

Q: You bake beautiful cakes. How did you think of turning into an entrepreneur from home?

We had three birthdays in a row in the months of June and July and with all the restrictions being followed due to COVID, an idea came to my mind to why not learn baking online so the journey of baking with love started. So, as a baker my journey began three years back during COVID, with the intention to learn to bake for my family and my life took a turn from homemaker to home-baker.

Q: How healthy are they and what special precautions do you keep in mind while baking them?

Being a home-baker, my cakes are healthy as they are freshly baked with the best quality ingredients available. One of my specials is jelly cake fully nutritious and made from herbs, good for bones and the digestive system.

Q: What are the major challenges you faced in setting up this business and how did you overcome them?

Where there is a will there is a way, so I won’t say there was any sort of hurdle as such and I got full support from my family and a bit of adjustment in the routine.

Q: You are also a nature lover. How does this love influence your skills?

Oh, I am a big nature lover! Gardening and baking are my two stress busters. Nature gives me creativity while am decorating my cakes as I am not a fondant lover.

Q: What is your advice to those who wish to learn baking and then go commercial?

To those who are willing to start baking my advice would be: “Don’t compromise on the products you use, Believe in yourself, and never give up”. The soul motto of “BAKE WITH LOVE”  is “excellence with ethics”.

Q Do you have any other hobbies?

I love making resin products which include coasters and many fashionable items.


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