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Pets give us positive energy & vibes

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Pets give us positive energy & vibes

But this is only one aspect of the picture, the other aspect is how to look after them. That is the difficult side...

Pets give us positive energy & vibes

Parenting A Pet

Dr Chandan Kumar Pandey from Balrampur shares the importance of caring for pets

Our family has always had dogs as pets. When we were children, we had one or two pet dogs who lived in our house as family members. This process of having pets in our home continues. But now a big difference has taken place. About four years ago, we brought a pair of pugs (male and female) Damroo and Dafli to our house. We have had other breeds also as Rottweilers, Pomeranians, German Shepherds, etc., but at present, we have a Pomeranian and six Pugs. We have also two parrots, a cow, a buffalo, and their little ones. These lovely animals have now become a part of our family. Everyone in the family loves them. To see them running and playing in the garden is a treat for the eyes.

But this is only one aspect of the picture, the other aspect is how to look after them. That is the difficult side. There are so many problems that we face. The children of the family only play with them but if any Pug pees somewhere or they are asked to clean the poop, they are uncomfortable in doing so. They almost refuse to do so. Now comes the role of their mother, my wife. She looks after all this and clears all the mess. Like a mother, she cares for them, loves them, and looks after them.

These pets are so sensitive that if we scold them, they sit silently and show that they are hurt. We have to pacify them and cajole them like children. The main challenge that you face is time management, behavioural issues, health issues, and also travel restrictions.

The most important thing is to nourish the pets properly. Giving them hygienic food at regular intervals on allotted time is very important. Proper vaccination is also a part of their healthy development. If we all are going out, we have to make arrangements for them or we should take them with us.

In a way, we can say that we have to look after them as our children. This is only possible if we have an emotional attachment to them. Then we realize that having pets around us gives us positive energy. The vibes are pleasant and healthy.


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