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‘We have no Planet B’

TreeTake is a monthly bilingual colour magazine on environment that is fully committed to serving Mother Nature with well researched, interactive and engaging articles and lots of interesting info.

‘We have no Planet B’

I have been promoting sustainable life practices and bringing up issues considered trivial into the spotlight through my climate activism and eco-influencing for the past six years...

‘We have no Planet B’

Green Business

Sarah, social/eco influencer

Q: Sarah, you have turned into an eco-influencer at a very young age. What made you take to social media to promote environmental issues?

Climate Change is one of the most serious issues of today's time that needs to be addressed by each one of us. If there is no clean air, clean water, and clean environment, there will be no living beings. We have only this Earth and there is no planet B. I see social media influencers who share food vlogs travel vlogs and all other stuff but there are very few who have the interest and the responsibility to portray the problems being faced by numerous people and animals on this planet due to extreme air and water pollution, floods, droughts, and unbearable heatwaves. For me, being the voice for the planet and for the people is what counts and through the medium of social media where a majority of the young and old population spend most of their daily time, I aim to reach the maximum number of people and let them know that climate change is happening. it's real and it needs all of us to act right now. I have been promoting sustainable living practices and bringing up issues considered trivial into the spotlight through my climate activism and eco-influencing for the past six years. In this whole period, I have made a positive impact on a large number of people through my work who have become more responsible towards the Earth and are actively involved with youth movements and organisation to bring a change and now even they are driving a change in their respective regions.

Q: What are the latest projects you are promoting?

Can’t name a single project but there are various projects which include climate change education in government and private institutions, startups promoting sustainable alternative solutions, organisations that conduct activities like cleanup, river cleanup,  plogwalk, on-ground awareness on environmental health, air pollution, and such issues.

Q: What challenges do you face and subsequently overcome?

Challenges-  firstly people still don’t believe in climate change, they usually say that all of these things are not at all happening and are not meaningful. The very first thing which comes across to me personally is that as a youth we are just wasting our time in these works, but I believe that other than wasting time on another nuisance, this nuisance (according to them ) is even better. We can think for the betterment of our Mother Earth by not just serving the nation by being a soldier but by being a young warrior who can think, amplify and bring about change; and use our young energy on the right path in the right manner. I think this is how I overcome challenges and problems by not giving up and standing stern on my values and beliefs.

Q: What is your advice to today's youth?

Just a quote can sum up - If not us then who, if not now then when! We as the youth of the nation have the power to bring about a change.  We have that energy, enthusiasm, and zeal to serve as better citizens of our country. We can do anything we want to, we just have to start believing in ourselves and start believing that climate change is happening and happening at a very fast pace, we are on the edge and we don’t have to still ignore and give this a thought that we can act later if we want to save ourselves, save our future generations. Let’s start taking action now.

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