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A magical temple of rats

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A magical temple of rats

Rats are present in the entire temple premises. They also keep jumping on the temple floor and on devotees but do not cause any harm to anyone...

A magical temple of rats


Dr Monika Raghuvanshi

National Secretary, NYPI, District Coordinator, IBCS, Ph.D, MBA, 2 International ISBN books, 50 Research papers, 200 International & National events, 10 National Awards, Certified in IT, Training, Consumer Protection, French, Computer and Oracle

Karni Mata Temple situated in Deshnok, about 30 kilometers away from Bikaner is a famous Hindu temple. The marble carvings at the main entrance of the temple, the silver doors in the temple, the gold canopy, and the large silver plate kept here for the offerings to rats (Kaaba) are worth seeing. Lakhs of visitors visit this place every month, especially on festivals. The temple remains open 24 hours on special occasions.

Devotees are unable to walk by taking steps due to rats

As soon as one crosses the main door of the marble temple and reaches inside, one sees a ruckus of rats. The number of rats can be estimated from the fact that to walk, devotees have to take their next step not by taking it, but by dragging it on the ground. Similarly, people drag their feet and reach in front of the idol of Karni Maa.

Arrangements for protection of rats

Rats are present in the entire temple premises. They also keep jumping on the temple floor and on devotees but do not cause any harm to anyone. To protect the rats from eagles, vultures and other animals, there is a net on the open side of the temple. Due to the presence of these rats, this temple of Karni Devi is also known as the rat temple. It is believed that if a devotee sees a white rat, it is considered very auspicious. The procession of rats is worth seeing during Mangala Aarti at 5 in the morning and Aarti at 7 in the evening.

No plague in past

The surprising thing is that despite there being so many rats in the temple, till date no disease has spread due to them nor has there been any bad smell in the temple. No devotee fell ill after eating the prasad.

Silver lamp of 700 kilograms capacity

In the world famous Maa Karni temple, a grand silver lamp (diya) of ten and a quarter feet height and five-and-a-half-feet width was lit ceremoniously in 2020. The temple management committee claims that this is the largest lamp installed at any place of worship. With the arrival of this lamp in the temple on the curiosity and devotion of the devotees is at its peak.

This lamp made of silver is a unique example of architectural art

Saint Mouni Baba got the design of lamp prepared and with the cooperation of the devotees, its construction was completed in one and a half years. He said that this amazing lamp will also be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records to be recognized as the largest lamp in the temples of the world. Seven quintal means 700 kilograms of ghee at one go is the capacity of lamp and the flame will remain intact for one and a half year. For this, a special type of wick has been made from raw cotton. To heat the ghee, there is a titanium rod which will keep the ghee continuously melted.


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