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‘Our perfect family pet, Rusty’

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‘Our perfect family pet, Rusty’

Although Rusty was officially my cousins pet, she quickly found her way into the hearts of everyone in our joint family...

‘Our perfect family pet, Rusty’

Parenting A Pet

Tells Krishika Gupta whose joint family has opened its heart to this super cute female dog

Rusty celebrated her 10th birthday this September. Despite her advancing age, her eyes retained the same youthful sparkle that has captivated us all these years. I still remember the evening back in 2013 when I was in fifth grade, the doorbell rang, and there was a tiny, fluffy, white creature with the most expressive eyes, wrapped in the arms of my cousin's parents. They had brought a pet for my cousins, and little did we know that this furry bundle of joy named Rusty would become an irreplaceable part of our lives. I still vividly recall the evening when we all gathered on the balcony, spending a good 3-4 hours deliberating the perfect name for her. After much discussion, we settled on Rusty.

Although Rusty was officially my cousin's pet, she quickly found her way into the hearts of everyone in our joint family. She had an uncanny ability to capture the affection of anyone who crossed her path. Her charisma was truly extraordinary, and we couldn't help but be drawn to her.

 As the days turned into weeks and months, Rusty became more than just a pet; she became a cherished member of our family. My siblings, cousins, and I eagerly looked forward to spending our evenings at my cousin's place, where Rusty resided. We would spend hours playing with her, watching her boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. Whenever I came home from a tough day at school, or when life threw its challenges my way, Rusty was there, ready to shower me with affection and comfort.

Years passed by and life had its plans, and I had to leave for Delhi to pursue my further education. The separation was a bittersweet agony. I missed Rusty's infectious smile, her boundless energy, and her warm, furry companionship. Every time I returned home for holidays or festivals, her response was the highlight of my homecoming. She would hear my voice and come bounding towards me, jumping with joy, ready to shower me with her unconditional love.

However, the most heart-wrenching part of our relationship was saying goodbye when I had to leave for the hostel again. Those joyous eyes that sparkled with happiness suddenly turned into pools of sadness, and sometimes tears welled up in them, mirroring the ache in my own heart. We shared an unspoken understanding, and I knew she felt the void of my absence as deeply as I did.

Her love and affection were a constant source of comfort and happiness, making even the toughest of days bearable. No matter how far I was from home, I always carried a piece of Rusty's love with me, a reminder of the special bond we shared. She was, and always will be, an irreplaceable part of my life, and our connection is a testament to the unbreakable love between a person and their beloved pet.


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