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‘This cutie is my life’

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‘This cutie is my life’

Though I am the one who protects him from all the troubles, he acts like he is the protector...

‘This cutie is my life’

Parenting A Pet

Tells Lata Mishra, an undergraduate student at the University of Allahabad, how Junior has come with a new ray of hope

I am a die-hard animal lover and I am going to tell you about someone who came into my life unexpectedly and has now become a major part of my everyday routine. So here, meet Junior, he is an approximately seven-month-old Golden Retriever. He came into my life when my whole world seemed to be falling apart. You might be wondering why. It’s a long story but I’ll tell you in a nutshell.

Before Junior made his way into my home and heart, I had lost my pet KitKat and as I loved him unconditionally, his sudden demise was a major reason for me to slip into depression. I thought to myself that now I won’t get attached to any dog or any other animal but destiny had some other plans for me. A few days passed by and then, one day I was at college when I got a call from my mother. She said I must come home soon as there was someone waiting for me. I was a little confused and I asked her who was waiting. She did not tell me anything and hung up. So, I went home and saw that nobody was there. I asked my father what had happened, but he also did not tell me anything. After sitting for 10-15 mins in the dining hall, I heard the sound of a bell (ringing) from my brother’s room. I ran and went into that room.

Ah!  There he was, Junior, as small as the size of my palm. Tears rushed into my eyes as soon as I held him in my arms. I thought God had sent my KitKat back. My whole family was on Cloud Nine. But having a pet means a lot of responsibilities. When he was small, I remember he had a habit of biting everything- clothes, slippers, sofa covers, and his favourite- mom’s dupatta. And though he has grown up a little, he is still the same mischievous boy.

Yes! Don’t get carried away by his cute face (as you can see in the picture). Junior is no less than a toddler. You might be wondering why am I saying so  It is because the effort and patience needed to bring up a child is equal to the efforts you require in the upbringing of your pets. I remember a few days back; I took him for a walk and unknowingly he stepped on a sticky pad (the one used for catching mice). Huh! It was really a hectic task to get him cleaned up.

He is the most notorious creature I have ever come across. Whenever he sees that anyone from the family is eating something, he runs to that person, sits beside them, and starts giving them his hand (just to make them notice that he wants it too). Ah! Such a cutie. He is the first who runs towards the main door, as soon as he hears the doorbell ring as if he himself is going to open the door.

This was his first Raksha Bandhan with us, so I tied a Rakhi on his paw. Though I am the one who protects him from all the troubles, he acts like he is the protector. I feel really blessed that I have Junior by my side and he is a small bundle of joy for each and every one of us. We all love him dearly.



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