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Our rescued lot make best family members

TreeTake is a monthly bilingual colour magazine on environment that is fully committed to serving Mother Nature with well researched, interactive and engaging articles and lots of interesting info.

Our rescued lot make best family members

Owing a pet will teach you great responsibility for another living being. It teaches you to care and understand something more than just yourself...

Our rescued lot make best family members

Parenting A Pet

Dipti Singh finds life perfect with her Indian Pariahs and Spitz

The most loved and pampered members of our family are the four-legged ones. Our bundle of joy and fun unlimited, there is never a dull moment with them around. At the moment we have five dogs. Bella, Ben, Jerry, Mili and Milky, each with their distinct personalities and a special reuse story.

Starting with Milky, (Spitz), our fourteen-year-old boy was abandoned by his previous owners. A dog who was used to the comforts and safety of a home was suddenly left on the streets to fend for himself. He was lost and scared, had not eaten for days and with zero road sense, he got hit by a car and fractured his left foreleg. When my sister went to rescue him, she found him sitting on a pile of dried leaves, covered in cobwebs. She instantly picked him up, took him to a vet and then got him home. It’s been eight years and now Milky is a well looked after and cared for senior dog. Moving on to the handsome brothers, Ben and Jerry (Indian Pariah). While coming back home I heard a puppy crying on the other side of the street, as if asking for help. I followed the yelp and found these two tiny puppies, the size of my palm. I moved closer and picked Jerry up. He had a big wound on his back, severely infested with maggots and so did Ben. It was a horrible sight and they were in excruciating pain. I rushed them to the vet, he cleaned up the wound and did their dressing. Later I went looking for their mother but she was nowhere in sight. I asked around and a shopkeeper told me their mother had passed away two days back. So, I got them home. They were so tiny that I had to dip a cotton ball in milk and feed them and later with a milk bottle. Today it gives me immense joy to see them all grown up. Healthy and happy.

Bella (Indian Pariah) was born to be a princess. She loves all the good things in life, like long car drives, a good body massage, a soft bed and sun bathing in the winters. Three years back my sister found this adorable little puppy wondering on the streets, crying and looking for her mom. Scared that she might get hit by a car, she got her home. Bella is fearless, confident and has a lot of attitude. Mili (Indian Pariah) is the newest edition to the family. We found her a few months back, she was severely ill and in bad shape. I had my doubts that she might not make it but she turned out to be quite a fighter and with constant medication and care, she has fully recovered and now runs so fast that it’s hard to catch her.

Accepting a pet into your family will enrich your lives. They creep into your hearts and become our constant companion. Owing a pet will teach you great responsibility for another living being. It teaches you to care and understand something more than just yourself.


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