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Parenting A Pet

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Parenting A Pet

Parenting A Pet

Parenting A Pet

A changed life

Shobhita Gill, a student, was very afraid of dogs till Simba came along…

On the 11th of August 2016, a hope came into my life! Someone says only lucky ones get the happiness of seeing a four-leg baby grow. I was a girl who was very afraid of dogs. In fact after Simba came to our house, I didn’t go near him or cuddle him for an entire month because I was so afraid of him. I used to change the route whenever I saw a dog on the streets as I was so scared of dogs. My life was not going on the right track because of some issues and I had lost all hopes in my life, but at that crucial point Simba came into my life with lot of luck and happiness. I remember he used to run after me but as I said I was afraid so I used to run away from him screaming. But, the day I overcame that fear and held her in my arms for the first time, his soft fur and his innocent eyes just took my heart away.

It is almost five years now and he is like a younger brother to me. He used to lick my face whenever I talked to him and whine soulfully. He makes sure that no one can ever hurt me even a little bit. My mother used to act as if she was hitting me just to tease Simba, but he used to come in between us to save me every time. Once I fed him from my hands.  After that he made it a habit to eat his food from my hands. Simba is a family member to us and without him no one can now imagine a life.

Whenever we go to market to buy little item, he comes with us and even holds things in his mouth to ease our burden. I don’t think any other dog can understand emotions like he does. He knows when me my mom is angry, happy or sad. And, yes, he the most coward dog too. He used to hide whenever he saw other dogs coming towards him. He brings that smile on my face which no one else can bring- he is my lifeline. After he came to my life, I started loving other dogs too. I use to feed them as well and they too become Simba’s bodyguards when Simba overcame his fear of other dogs.

Simba shows his unconditional love and loyalty to us which I have never seen in anybody that I know of. He is the cutest person in our family, including me, and loves to get photos clicked with me all the time. One thing which I have learnt from him is to forgive ourselves and everyone around us and embrace our lives with love and affection. He came like a blessing to me for which I’m thankful to my sister because she fought with my parents a lot to bring him home. In fact, she fasted for two-three days to convince them to let her adopt a pet and finally he came. I always regret why I didn’t touch him for a month. Therefore, all the credit for changing our lives and outlook goes to Simba.


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