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Parenting A Pet

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Parenting A Pet

Parenting A Pet

Parenting A Pet

I am my dog’s best friend

Iti Mathur has a different take on famous proverb ‘dogs are man’s best friend’…

We all know, we all say that dogs are humans’ best friends. But can we say the same thing for humans? Are humans, Dog’s best friend? Are you your dog’s best friend? Well, Yes, I am. I can say that with confidence, and I will tell you why I can say this. My name is Iti Mathur. I am a working mother of two kids and two dogs. I have worked in different fields over the years from completing my studies to teaching the children in school, being a co-founder of an NGO, and now being a storyteller and conducting online storytelling sessions for little children.

I always had dogs in my house since my childhood. But as an adult, I got my first Labrador puppy (Buddy) in 2011 while I was doing my M.Sc. Oh! Such a cute and intelligent puppy he was. He was just one and a half years old when he developed ulcers. He suffered for 3 months vomiting 15-20 times a day crying in pain. I remember sitting beside him the whole night trying to soothe him as he would not let me leave his side. I remember sitting and crying looking at him, while forcing myself to study and prepare for my exams. I remember him not letting me go out of his sight even for a moment. But, no matter how hard we tried, we could not save him. For the next 4-5 years, I could not gather the courage to keep another one. But, being a dog lover, how could we resist for long. Finally, I got two dogs (Coco and Snowy) within one year.

Things were going on smoothly when Coco started vomiting. The fear was alive again for me. This time I was not ready to lose my dog, again. I was scared. I rushed to the doctor only to find out that he had tick fever. The doctor said that it is difficult to save a dog from tick fever. We will try our best. For more than a month I kept running to the clinic for drips and injections and caring for him at home. Slowly, he started recovering and we could save him. This time too, Coco wanted me around all the time. Even if the treatment is painful, he would not resist if I am with him. One day, exhausted by all this, I asked out loud, why my dogs must go through this pain? Why do they suffer so much? At this, my husband said, maybe God send those dogs to you for extra care because nobody else could care for them the way you did. That’s when I realized, during both these incidents, I cried for them, I cared for them like my babies, I stayed awake for them, I felt happy for them any day I could see a little improvement in their health. That day, I realized that I am my Dog’s best friend because I feel for them from my heart.

Dogs are indeed humans’ best friends, but it feels amazing to be a dog’s best friend as well. I can proudly say that I am my dog’s Best friend.

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