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Parenting A Pet

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Parenting A Pet

Parenting A Pet

Parenting A Pet

My pets are a Godsend

Divya Pandey, a working mom, loves to be surrounded by pets and children...

I am a lecturer at NIFT, I run a salon, and I practice holistic healing and naturo therapies and participate in social work through various NGOs. Think my bag is full? Then, think again! I love animals and have pets at home who I simply adore. What’s more, I care for them myself. No servant is assigned to look after my lot. My younger son is also a true animal lover and helps me look after the pets. My older son, though acts nonchalant, also has deep empathy for animals and birds. I think it runs in the family: My parents passed on this sensitivity to me, and I have passed it on to my kids. Hope this chain continues… I strongly believe that animals are the best creations of God. They cannot speak our tongue but are able to convey and express their emotions through their unconditional love and affections.

Due to Covid lockdown, we are all shut up at home. Our life stood still. My son’s birthdays were lined up in May and June, respectively. One day, one of my friends called me and told me about her pet giving birth to six puppies. The males were adopted but one female pup was left with her. It was a big breed— a Saint Bernard. I already had two pet dogs— Dennis, a male German Spitz, and Daniel, a male Pomeranian. It was not an easy decision but then I thought of adopting one for my family. When I got this little bundle of joy home, my boys said she was the best surprise ever. We named her Debbie. She is a phantom of energy. She is nonstop active, hilarious, sportive and is activity till she falls asleep.

By God’s grace, the other two of my pets were also welcoming towards her. They were very warm and friendly with her. They were very supportive and caring. Now, we had these three babies playing together. And this sight always filled me with great joy. Her arrival brought out the good in these dogs too. They have become more protective and mature. Best part is that they also share their toys with the new arrival. This spirit of sharing lacks in us human beings. Debbie loves to watch the movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’. She stands in front of the TV and wags her tail, barks, shows happiness and never leaves the room till the movie is over.

When she came to our family, she was only in grams. Now she weighs around 13 kg. She is just three months old and has already overgrown rest of my pets. She is fearless and very loving. She is like a therapy to all of us during this stressful phase. She is really a God sent angel in our life.

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