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Plants & Pets

Plants & Pets

Plants & Pets

You shouldn’t do without these plants!

Indian garden plants are just like their country, diverse and rich in so many ways. Flowering plants make your garden a colorful delight to retreat to with a book or a cup of tea. Flowers aren’t just beautiful, some blooms have a cultural or religious significance too. No matter if your garden is an extensive plot or a set of containers on a city balcony, annual and perennial flowering plants can add a colour contrast wherever you need them.  We list below some of the easiest flowers to grow in your garden or balcony.

Geranium Cranesbill: This beautiful and colourful flower grows in dry shade and blooms a perfect shade of blue with a dash of white and pink!

Barrenwort: Like Geranium Cranesbill, Barrenwort too can be grown in dry shade and does not require too much sunlight. Its extracts are sometimes used as an aphrodisiac!

Mourning Widow: Dry shade plants which provide a nice color contrast with their black-ish flowers when grown near trees and shrubs.

Bleeding Heart: Bleeding Heart needs soft, moist soil and is very low maintenance once it blooms. The heart shaped soft pink blooms are such a glorious addition to any garden!

Solomon’s Seal: Perhaps one of the easiest plants to grow in an Indian garden, Solomon's Seal looks so elegant with its dangling bell like flowers and stems arching delicately.

Butcher’s Broom: Another commonly grown flowering plant in Indian gardens, Butcher's Broom can thrive in low shade areas and needs moist soil to grow.

Snowdrops: This one is a winter bloom, that does perfectly well in low shade areas but needs moist soil to prosper, plus, as the name suggests the blooms look like pretty snow drops!

Marigold: Marigold is a very auspicious flower for the Indian gardens because of its religious importance. It's also very easy to grow and can be easily tended in the most low maintenance gardens as well. All it needs is a lot of sunshine and hummus rich black soil.

Bougainvillea: This is one of the most common flowering plants that we see creeping up the walls or gates of Indian homes. Hardy bougainvillea doesn’t need a lot of water or care and can pretty much grow on its own and does so real quick! What it does need is a periodic pruning every once in a while to prevent it from looking too wild.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus too is of significance in Hinduism and is commonly found in Indian homes. One can easily find the saplings and all they require is lots of sunshine combined with watering twice a day.

Salvia: Wonderful for mixed borders and rock gardens. Perfect for all kinds of containers. Cut flowers are long-lasting in fresh bouquets. Plant in drifts or bands for best effect.

Begonias: Begonias are annuals and do not like frost in the spring or fall. Set them out in containers, hanging baskets ,or your flowerbed after all risk of frost has past.

Impatiens: Impatiens are perennial plants with no tolerance of frost. Morning sun with afternoon shade is preferable for this species, which wilt in full sunlight even in consistently moist soil. Impatiens tolerate full shade.

Geraniums: Most geraniums are grown as annuals, but they can be perennials in suitable climates. Bring them indoors to avoid winter frost, if you like, then replant outdoors in spring. Or they can bloom indoors all year long if they get enough light.

Vinca: The clear crisp flowers and glossy green leaves of annual vinca are so perfect you may be tempted to rub them to see if they are real. Annual vinca is drought tolerant and requires almost no maintenance to keep it looking terrific.

Mogra: Mogra or Jasminum sambac is an evergreen shrub that is grown throughout the tropics. Jasmine bears dark green foliage and white flowers. Flowers bloom at night only and are very fragrant.

Peace Lily: This evergreen perennial shows off large leaves, silky white flowers and, surprisingly, doesn’t need excessive water or light to survive. This plant is commonly delivered in beautiful pots and baskets from ProPlants during Easter and/or for the office.

Ixora: Ixora is a tropical to semi-tropical evergreen shrub. The plant is often grown as an annual in temperate and cooler climates.

These are some of the top most options to add some colour to your garden without spending too much time tending to plants. Add these to your balconies, lawn or backyard for a splash of natural colour in your home all year round! – TTN


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