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Lumps are growths or tumours that may be cancerous

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Lumps are growths or tumours that may be cancerous

Once the preliminary diagnosis is made, the vet surgeon will advise either medication/chemotherapy...

Lumps are growths or tumours that may be cancerous

Vet’s Views

Dr Kaushlendra Kumar

The doctor has been practising in Lucknow for the past 20 years in canine and other pet animal medicine and surgery

Q: My dog has five sets of lumps, one each under the jaw, on the front of the shoulders, under the armpits, inside the groin, and behind the knees. What could that be, please? -Neera Shah

Lumps mean a type of growth or tumour or maybe some type of cancer. They are to be examined by a method called FNAC or biopsy. Once the preliminary diagnosis is made, the vet surgeon will advise either medication/chemotherapy; surgery, or any other method of treatment as per the requirement. In the meantime, the pet should be given balanced feed and nutrition to build up his immune system.

Q:  I have a two-year-old Labrador female dog. I do not want to get her spayed because I might want to breed her later. Is there a medication or injection to stop her coming into heat in the meantime, and is it safe? For how many times can it be used? -Kirti Singh

To avoid the heat cycle in a female labrador is a scientific idea and is routinely done to avoid mating or conception. Exogenous hormonal injections are available which are given according to bitch’s health status and under the supervision of your vet. They are to be given twice a year. Since these injections are exogenous biological hormones, they may incite some reaction from mild to moderate, but it is manageable. In the long term though, these can produce other systemic affections like mammary tumours, etc. Therefore, the best contraceptive is surgery and just to avoid a few cycles these hormonal injections can be tried.

Q: My pet Labrador keeps chewing its feet, especially after returning from walks. I dont see any tick or wound. What could be the problem? -Karan Kumar

Chewing or biting of paws is a sign of allergy. Allergy in this case can from soil, mud, or plants. To avoid these symptoms, you can clean and sanitize the portion upon his arrival in the house using saline water, dry the paws, and put any dog talc. Another way to avoid allergies could be to let him put on shoes to walk. Dogs become habitual to licking and biting their legs or paws and for this, you should divert his/her attention by giving the pet time to play with you.

Q: I have a seven-year-old Spitz in whom I have noticed redness in her eyes—the white part to be precise. Can it be cured with an eyedrop or could it be anything serious? -Mansi Das

Redness in the eyes in a 7-year-old spitz can be multifactorial- infection, chronic conjunctivitis, irritation to eyebrows, etc. Get it examined by a vet using an ophthalmoscope. There could be some underlying systemic cause too. Therefore, complete blood works need to be done. After analysing eye tests and blood reports, medication can be advised. Eye cleaning with saline water or normal saline, eye cleanser, or wipes also helps to relieve pain and redness. Healthy nutrition and water also play a good role in eye health.

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