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I have a cow for a pet

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I have a cow for a pet

So, this experience of keeping an injured cow as a pet is unique...

I have a cow for a pet

Parenting A Pet

Preeti Goswami, advocate, High Court of Nainital, can go for any type of pet, as long as it needs her

I live in Uttarakhand, Ranikhet- a beautiful hill station. Living a farm life in a village is a life that is very close to nature. One day I was heading to Almora for a meeting, on the way at one isolated location I saw something moving by the road side. I reduced my speed to see and I was shocked to see a calf lying by the mountain side and just moving her front limbs. I stopped my car and saw this poor little girl lying there helplessly and trying to get up, ants were biting her. I got some water and washed the ants off! Then I knew she had broken her spine. I called my sister Anamika and we decided to take her home. My sister, along with my niece and a worker, we somehow put her in the car and got her home.

Then we tried lots of treatments, I took her to IVRI Bareilly but got a sad response that her spine was broken. Unfortunately, I was told she cannot be operated on. So, then I got her home. We knew she is our new pet and we named her Nandani, the changes I have seen in her are beautiful. She has gained trust in me and my sister, as we take care of her together. In fact, my sister Anamika makes sure that she is comfortable and taken good care of, we also now know whatever needs to be done, has to be done by us! So, we built a traction for her with the help of which we made her stand. When she stood up almost after a week, you could see her happiness and confidence increase. We have kept her in a wooden room, where she lies on a mattress, with a blower, kettle for warm water, and personal hairdryer, all present there. These are all my sister's way of pampering her pet. And as for me, I make her do some physiotherapy.

So, this experience of keeping an injured cow as a pet is unique. Though we have four more cows, with Nandani its different her way of showing love is by tapping her front feet while she is standing. And she calls out as soon as she sees us. Cows are beautiful pets. My other cow Gauri, she lost her mother as a child, so I used to pamper her a lot. She used to come inside my room in the morning. After coming inside the house, of course. She used to wait for her roti while we ate. So, every animal understands the language of love and reciprocates double the love to you. I have  four dogs too but Nandani is unique.

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