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Breeding should be severely regulated

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Breeding should be severely regulated

I believe in breeding through natural means, even hybridization. Because innately, nature knows what is best and will do the best...

Breeding should be severely regulated


We Asked: Do you think certain breeds of dogs like Pitbull and even Pug should be phased out as demanded by certain animal welfare organisations or there should be a ban on unethical breeding of new varieties like Pomsky done to simply rake in moolah?

Having worked in the animal welfare sector for more than 30 years, I cannot flatly say that a certain breed is always vicious and another breed is not. I have seen Labradors who have been put down for behavioral problems, and the most well natured Rottweilers. The nature of living beings is not predictable, so cannot be the only reason to phase out a breed. As for unethical breeding, each of the breeds we see now, has been the result of selective propagation by humans, to develop phenotypic traits. I believe in breeding through natural means, even hybridization. Because innately, nature knows what is best and will do the best. What we do as humans is backed by commercial or personal motives and the results may turn out to be completely against nature and the welfare of the animals that are bred, especially cross breeding. Breeding should be severely regulated by teams including geneticists, zoologists and welfare personnel, if at all it needs to be done. Otherwise, we may be looking at health disasters and a lifetime of pain for the animals, which might end up in abandonment in countries where there is no regulation on ID protocols for pet animals. -Shakuntala Majumdar, President, Thane CPCA (Community for the Protection and Care of Animals)

Keeping pet is a fashion for some, status symbol for a few and for sheer love and affection for the rest. In the society or even in the family, we have all kinds of people: some are aggressive, some with mood swings, some of them can be triggered really soon and some of them are cool and calm in all the circumstances. Same applies with the animals. If by any chance something goes wrong where an animal is involved, we human immediately start giving judgements and solutions to get rid of that animal. Do we really apply this for our teenager/family members when they behave weirdly, badly or been aggressively? Why, in such cases, we even try to escape from taking them for counselling or to the rehab to get the corrective measures, because we are scared of the tag which can be given as being mentally unsound, unstable, depressed etc. In the recent past one Pitbull case was presented in such a manner by media that an entire breed was declared a villain. As a result, may pet owners started abandoning their dogs of certain breeds, without giving a second thought. None of them realised that these kids, who were raised in a protective ambience of a home with all kinds of care, would not be able to survive on the roads with stray animals, without food and in all the adverse weather conditions. Time has come to question the unethical breeding of new verities like Pomsky (mixing two breed). Why should Pitbull or Pug be phased out? Why not the breeders? Animals do respond like us if we really connect with them with affection, many of us can hear their unspoken communication through their eyes and gestures, at least I understand even a stray animal’s. - Preeti M. Shah, A socially aware human being

Topic of the month: Despite court orders, many continue to show hostility towards stray animals? What should be the way to deal with such a lot, and should responsible members of the society come forward to create sensitivity among people?  You may send your views (either in Hindi or English) in 300 words at [email protected]. Please also attach a colour photo of yourself.

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