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A guest that became permanent member

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A guest that became permanent member

Vansh Deep Agarwal fell in love with Juliet, female ‘boxer’, at first sight...

A guest that became permanent member

Parenting A Pet

Vansh Deep Agarwal fell in love with Juliet, female ‘boxer’, at first sight

It was a fine Sunday afternoon in 2012 when we had a surprised guest at our home, a cute and lovely boxer bitch, and I almost ran inside the house, holding that small beautiful creature in my arms. Juliet (which we named her within a few hours) has been the life-line of our family even now after nine years, and thinking a day without her is impossible for all of us four persons at home, including our parents and sister.

She (Juliet) always needs attention. When we left her alone at home for the first time for three days, we had to made special arrangements for her. The ACs in both the rooms remained operational at home and the keys of the house were handed over the building’s caretaker, who took best care of her. She always accompanied us then when we ventured out to neighbouring cities like Allahabad and Kanpur. Her parenting needs a lot of care and hard work as from morning to evening she keeps all of us busy, especially me and my sister as we take care of her food and comfort of a cozy bed.

She loves bathing and spends good amount of time under shower whenever we take her to bathroom for a bath. She cuddles and enjoys the bubbles of her shampoo. She is so smart that even if we are late to take her for a stroll in the morning or evening, she keeps us informed with her acts for the same. Even though we take care of her most, she (Juliet) keeps following my father all the time, especially when he is at home and my mother too, especially when she is hungry. Looking at her, we feel that if God wants to bless you with something special, he sends a dog in your life. A dog is not just a pet, but your family. A family that stays by your side no matter what happens?

It took my sister by surprise when she saw Juliet for the first time. She came back from school and saw this small creature taking up entire home and everyone was after her. This bundle of joy was not her cup of tea at the beginning, but now there isn’t a moment that she doesn’t look out for her. Mummy and Daddy used to sit for hours in chilly winter nights just to make her sleep. Now she sleeps like a Kumbhakaran.

From finding Joy in playing with most wired things in the house to hoarding n number of balls, she's our most favorite goof ball. She has changed us in a lot of ways. She has taught us how to love unconditionally and to be happy in smallest of things. She has been our life and will always be. I believe that if you have a dog at home, you won’t need any other friend.

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